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​S B T   I N T E R I O R S

I have been blessed with a knack for Interior Decorating and I think it's genetic!  I remember as a child sifting through Interior Design magazines with my mother and listening to her latest plans for our home.  To this day, my mom's home is always beautiful and always evolving, and we have tons of fun discussing our latest projects.  


When I chose to leave the advertising business and "stay home" with my kids, my love for Interior Design made it natural for me to start Shannon B. Thompson Interiors   It has been a great business for me because it is a chance for me to help people, be creative and give advice:  some of my favorite things to do!  My designs are always client-driven since I believe your home should reflect your tastes, not mine.  I try to start each project with what you already own, or an item that is personal to you that will help inspire the project.  One area that I am adamant about in decorating is function.  I mostly use antiques as accessories or casegoods, rarely upholstery.  A comfortable home is my top priority and I believe you can not relax on a dainty antique.  I am a big fan of using light-colored fabrics on heavily used items such as bedding, upholstery or towels; they just have to be washable.  Your home can be beautiful and still be practical.


I always root for a happy ending and that's what you get with dramatic before and after photos.  I have included some from my favorite projects below.  Click on the first image and a slideshow will pop up so you can see larger images.  I hope you enjoy!



A sweet neighbor of mine was moving her business into a new office space and called me for help.  I was very flattered because I knew she had impeccable taste and had previously worked with some of the top Interior Designers in Houston.  As usual, I was able to use pieces she already owned to create a new office space that is warm, inviting and perfect for her all-female staff.

West University 


This is a great story!  A friend of mine was putting her house on the market and asked me to fix it up to sell.  I was so proud of the results, I asked another friend to come over and see my latest project.  She fell in love and purchased the 4,300 square foot home.  She had previously lived in a tiny cottage so we had to buy everything to fill this large home!  We were able to find her some great deals at auction, flea markets and on Craigslist.  In fact, on one day at the Urban Market we purchased a total of 16 chairs!  Every purchase was followed by a jump for joy from both me and my friend so it was a super fun project.

Southside Place


That same sweet neighbor was so happy with the results from her office renovation, she asked me to come help redecorate her guest room.  As I said she had impeccable taste and she had just finished a redecorating project with one of the top designers in Houston, so I was flattered and thrilled to be working with her once more.  By the end of the project we had completed redecorating 3 bedrooms, updating 2 baths and sprucing an additional 3 bedrooms, a porch and all of her bookshelves.

{  P L E A S E  N O T E  }


Due to my current focus on my real estate services, I am not accepting any new requests for interior decorating contracts.


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